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It is done in order to verify that the credentials, necessary for the Hybrid deployment to be completed, are valid.Note that in this step, there is an option to “use current Windows credentials”.When the TTL (time to live) has passed, click on “I have created a TXT record for each token in DNS” and “verify domain ownership”.The Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard will check whether the tokens are visible on your domain’s DNS.To continue, you have to enter your tenant’s global administrator credentials.By default, administrator’s login has the following format: [email protected]

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This guide will show you how to edit your domain Nameservers (DNS Servers).In a few seconds, a page with a download link should appear: Clicking on the link will start the download of the Office 365 Hybrid Configuration Wizard Installer. If the installation does not start on its own, just run the recently downloaded installer and follow the steps on the screen. On the next screen, the wizard either searches automatically for the right Exchange server or waits for the user to specify it.At this stage, the installation process should be completed, and a shortcut to the HCW should have appeared on the desktop. In Exchange 2010 or Exchange 2013 it must point to the server with the Client Access Server Role.At this stage, you will also need to prove you are the domain’s owner. In your DNS, you have to create a TXT record for each of your domains, with a value corresponding to the token generated in the HCW.After having created the TXT records, you should wait for a while so that the records propagate throughout the network.After the verification is complete, go to the next screen.

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