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Hayek stars as their former boss Eva Torres, a power yet manipulative trader who will stop at nothing to get in their way.

Their journey to riches shows them that money is not the ultimate prize.

Hayek was more bundled up between scenes in a long black coat with a business suit underneath.

There's no word whether Skarsgard could bring his character back to life via flashbacks in the continuation.

Guy Wilson (no relation to Rob) also got some good shirtless screentime, along with Freddie Smith and Brendan Coughlin.

Alexander Skarsgard shocked fans when he debuted a bald head on the red carpet in October.

Posts have appeared from the set including a close-up of his new hairdo, a bald top with hair growing on the sides.

It was announced on Monday morning that the Legend Of Tarzan star had earned a Golden Globe nomination in the Best Supporting Actor in a mini-series category for his work on the HBO hit Big Little Lies.

Olsen set the record straight in an interview with Ryan Seacrest, shrugging off the statement as just another rumor in the gossip mill.

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