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Marla tried her hand at acting, hitting the Great White Way in the "Will Rogers Follies" and even performed at Carnegie Hall.She also was a special correspondent for INSIDE EDITION and interviewed a very young Michael Jordan in the early 90s.There was certaily no missing Daisy in this fabulous dress...green on the red-carpet should more often be seen, in our opinion!Brandon is dating a girl called Sierra Knight - who is not Christina (*tear*) – but looks quite a lot like her.He recently took part in MTV’s The Rivals with fellow ATYO season 2’er - Briana. These two moved into the honeymoon suite pretty early on in the series and just couldn’t get their heads around the rest of the house being SO SLOW and SO WRONG with finding true love.But Marla’s main focus has been the daughter she had with Trump in 1993. Maples retreated to Los Angeles to raise Tiffany and says Trump did not play a big role.But since Tiffany has moved east to attend college she's gotten closer to her dad and her half-brothers and half-sister.

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Eight former “Apprentice” crew members told the AP Trump once compared a camerawoman’s beauty to his daughter’s, making repeated comments about the camerawoman’s behind.“I don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that people are having bad intentions with what they are saying,” Carlig told the AP.She made front-page news after she was quoted telling a friend that sex with The Donald was "the best sex I’ve ever had” when the two had an affair in 1990.While Ivana reportedly got million from Trump when their marriage ended, Maples walked away with under million.Paris is currently living in Colorado and working in HR.Pratt moved to Hollywood and has recently launched a You Tube series called “Blazedd”.That’s right people - ARE YOU THE ONE is back for a brand new season! But if it was a saying, it probably would have come from Brandon.

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