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IMHO, this piece is too emotional and opinionated to be considered neutral and impartial.

It's a valid opinion, but inappropriate for an encyclopedia entry.

Let's write encyclopedia articles, shall we, not rambling u.s.-centric diatribes about cybersex' "emotional damage" of teens, while a huge number of adults engage in some sort of sexual interaction online, be it flirting, roleplaying or cybersex.

Also, this article does not make clear that a good deal of roleplaying is not that different from standard erotic literature (albeit often very badly written). I'm getting tired of seeing these stupid, "Sex Texting" on the Cellphone.

If you're 10 and you say you're 18, and you have cybersex, you're the one tricking somebody else.

You can meet potential dates at a singles event or singles activity.

But it’s a different local grocery store that’s officially embracing supermarket lust—with a series of speed-dating events this week.

A computer monitor, a webcam, and a keyboard are not really good examples of cybersex, regardless of how they're used in it.

Just wondering if anyone had any good justification for those particular pictures.

Although the grocery chain doesn’t flaunt it, one Tallahassee Publix store has long had a reputation as a place to meet potential dates, earning it the nickname Club Pub.

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