Dating hamlet book summary

This review and analysis is of the book The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel First Edition paperback, published 1998 (ISBN 0310209307), by Harper-Collins Zandervan I often get letters from Christian apologists and evangelicals of the fundamentalist stripe.They often challenge me to read some apologetic literature and then decide for myself.

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For the rest of us, the author tries to get us hooked by demonstrating that authority early on - right in the first part of the book, in fact. It is often claimed by the proponents of this book that the author wrote it when he was an atheist, and was undergoing the conversion process. From a careful reading (see the last two paragraphs at the bottom of page 14), he makes it quite clear that he wrote it as a fully committed Christian, "retracing" his spiritual path an indeterminate period of time after the fact.

This persuasion method is typical, not just of propagandistic literature, but also of religious meme complexes in general and Christianity in particular.

The essay you are reading has been widely discussed in Christian apologetic circles.

If you are a Christian and happen to have a copy of The Case For Christ, I would suggest you get it out and follow along.

You'll find that the book is very interesting for what it does not say.

I will make frequent references to both essays in this analysis. The first interview in the book is with Craig Blomberg, Ph D., whose doctorate is in New Testament from Aberdeen University in Scotland.

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