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If a paramedical examination is required, a medical examiner will schedule an appointment with you within a week.

In well-operated yards such as Parts Galore in Flat Rock, Mich., there is an underlying logic.

When you've found a yard, call ahead to find out what they specialize in.

Some yards deal primarily in domestic-brand cars, others in Japanese, German, high-performance, or vintage.

place if you're a penny-pincher, gearhead, professional widget collector, or just bored out of your mind in need of something cheap to do.

Most upstanding citizens ignore this last stop in the automotive life cycle and choose new parts from a nice, safe dealer installed at exorbitant rates.

Lots are often divided by vehicle manufacturer or point of origin—domestic versus Japanese versus European, or GM versus Ford versus Toyota, and so on; think of it as the difference between Dewey Decimal and alphabetical library systems. Of course, your local yard may be a mess of cars with no logic whatsoever. Because the board doesn't care if a radiator comes from a Ford Escort or a Mercedes C-Class, the savings against new parts can be staggering.

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