Salem dating


My collection of dating advice books for women are designed to help women not only understand men better, but to understand themselves better.

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My greatest thrill, however, probably comes from my work in helping women better understand men.

Sometimes we just need some help understanding ourselves and the people we spend our lives with. I have in the dating advice for women genre as I speak.

I can supply your roadmap and help you discover the things that you always wanted. In fact, I am a "Dear Abby" in the sense that I take 20-40 emails per day from my wonderful readers for free.

I actually encourage women to contact me through my dating books - this is what makes me unique.

I am involved in many things, including Wounded Warriors, animal shelters and construction.

I know that we are both grateful that we found each other and I don’t think we would have if it were not for BBPeople Meet.

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