Always sex chat


Complete the opposite of me, who would try anything i've tried sending sexy texts during the day, and again, he'll be responsive and will reply, but then in the evening it all fizzles out and sometimes nothing at all will happen, other times it will, but again when i make the first move.

i'm actually wondering if he doesn't make the first move because he thinks i'm going to be too tired or something ?

Would cooking a romantic meal and drinking a glass or two of wine help lower your inihibitions a bit?

about the baby thing, i only came off the depo back in december, and this has been going on since we moved in august, so i don't think it has any bearing.I know that if i would instigate sex 3-4 times a week, he'd be responsive every time, but if i don't instigate it at all (i held out for 2 weeks, to see if he would come on to me) that's it, nothing happens it's starting to make me feel unwanted tbh.he's not a very touchy feely person and i'm the exact opposite, so there isn't much cuddling and kissing either, and if there is, it's me who instigates it also.i work full time, do the bulk of the house work and most of the childcare and my son wakes up often during the night, so i am always tired.Doesn't stop me wanting to make love though LOL honestly, i really can't say why he's like this, it could be because of the recent stress, the "always being together", the fact that he's so reserved (he always turns the light off before getting undressed and covers himself if he gets up to use the bathroom ) or if he's got a warped idea that he's doing it for me i guess im in the same boat as you gals....We have sex about one / twice a month now and that's always down to me.

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