Dating a roommate


Like many young air force pilots, I shared a place with a fellow junior officer in order to split living expenses, and to afford a place nicer than one I could afford on my own.

He was tall, slender, and good lucking, but he seemed to have terrible luck with women.Even though she had just turned 22, many people thought she was still a teenager, and when out of uniform, was often mistaken for one of the local high school girls.Fresh from an ROTC nursing program at Colorado State, her extraordinary good looks and her dynamic, outgoing personality, made her one of the most popular women on base with the guys.I often tried fixing him up with friends or some of the female officers on base, but John was too shy to ever follow through.As an F-16 pilot, on a fighter base, I never had any problems picking up women at the Officers' Club, and used to take a somewhat perverse delight in bringing home different women and "showing off" in front of John.I'm sure he jerked off more than one night to the sounds of me fucking some little hottie in my bedroom.

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