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Newfoundland was one of the first areas settled by England in North America, beginning in small numbers in the early 17th century before peaking in the early 19th century.

Newfoundland was a British colony until 1907 when it became an independent Dominion within the British Empire. Newfoundland is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean, separated by the Strait of Belle Isle from Labrador, the sparsely populated mainland part of the province.

Most of the population remained rather isolated on the island, allowing the dialects time to develop independently of those on the North American continent.

Yet there is a difference between a hill and a big hill.

Another term of endearment, often spoken by older generations, is me ducky, used when addressing a female in an informal manner, and usually placed at the end of a sentence which is often a question (Example: How's she goin', me ducky?

) – a phrase also found in East Midlands British English.

Certain words have also gained prominence amongst the speakers of Newfoundland English.

For instance, a large body of water that may be referred to as a "lake" elsewhere, can often (but not uniformly) be referred to as a pond.

Younger generations of this area have adapted the way of speaking, and created some of their own expressions.

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