Dating sites that are 420 friendly trace dating

- The site has roughly 6,000 members, but that number is growing everyday - Members can block or report other members if need be.

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Although while using the site you are constantly reminded of the fact its free due to its lack of any real substance.

- The site features a blog from the marijuana advocacy group NORML which features all the news from the world of marijuana legislation and potential legalization.

It also features a lot of great articles about the stigmas surrounding the associated health problems and potential for the substance to be used for medicinal purposes.

The profile is a bit of fun to fill out asking you some unique questions.

There is obviously questions about smoking marijuana like whether you prefer Indica or Sativa and how frequently you smoke pot, they give you an option for “a few times a month” I feel if that’s the case you don’t have to use a dating website catered specifically to heavy pot smokers. genre is, but they have some weird choices, like “BET” or “MTV” the first one seems a bit racist and the second one just makes me sad for our generation.

There is also a tab to “Upgrade Account” but nothing comes up when I click on it.

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