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Our free Single Women are full my dating in dating.Helen Fisher says there’s a fair amount of science behind the process of attracting a mate, although she’s not surprised the online dating coach industry has popped up.Employed by as the site’s resident scientist, she noted that society is “seeing enormous changes in courtship and dating.”The shifts stem from greater equality between the sexes, as well as a population that’s not only living longer but also enjoying a surprise second act in their love lives thanks to divorce, she said.After years of meeting liars and duds, Michelle knew her love life needed a shot in the arm.She’s 39, after all, and despite being a successful attorney, she’s the only one of her friends who’s still single.So while love matches used to be made according to socioeconomic and religious similarities, people are now looking inward, seeking mates who confide in them, make them laugh and find them physically attractive.

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