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Under the communications power the federal government can regulate the broadcast media (television and radio), online services (Internet), and under the customs power, the import/export of printed matter, audiovisual recordings and computer games.

However, the production and sale of printed matter, audiovisual recordings and computer games solely within Australia lies with the states.

Federal law enforces these classifications with respect to customs, and online services.

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Because we at Screenr pride ourselves on providing a superior customer experience, these issues were simply unacceptable. If you’d like to download your videos, please visit our download page at your earliest convenience.Some films (those made for educational or training purposes, for instance) are exempt from classification under certain conditions.Film festivals and institutions such as ACMI - Australian Centre for the Moving Image must apply to the OFLC to have the films on their proposed program made exempt from classification for the purpose of screening at a particular film festival or event.A significant proportion of children and adolescents (20%–40%) have been victims of cyberbullying, with females and sexual minorities seemingly at higher risk. By nature of the electronic platform, there seems to be an easier path to the bully-victim phenomenon (victims who become bullies or vice versa) than that in traditional bullying.A nonlinear relationship with age is suggested, but demographic data overall are preliminary.I have answered everyone personally who contacted me, and have since thought it might be a good idea to outline the censorship laws in Australia - the two countries are 'worlds apart' on this issue. THIS ARTICLE IS BY SPECIAL REQUEST - I SINCERELY APOLOGISE FOR THE LENGTH AND DRYNESS.

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