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“We put out a mean taco bar, and the chili’s pretty good in the colder months,” the actress says.Take a closer look inside the home through the #linkinbio Photo by @francoisdischinger; design by @stephenshadley; text by @mayer.rus; styled by @lawrenhowell A post shared by Architectural Digest (@archdigest) on Y'all really think Jennifer Aniston about to go sniffing around Brad Pitt when he got 10 kids and an alcohol addiction?Truly, in that sense, she's amazing."February 11, 2017: The married couple rings in Jen's 48th birthday in Mexico, on a super cute vacation with forever friend Courteney Cox and her fiancée Johnny Mc Daid.Jen, obviously, looks amazing, and Justin posts this super cute snap on social media: July 26, 2017: Pal Jason Bateman is honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Jen and Justin proudly watch the ceremony while holding hands.And here we are again, even though the couple have said it was amicable. In fact, in my non scientific research, I only found a couple of Poor Justin or Poor Justin and Jen tweets.Showing compassion towards someone is great but in this case it does kind of say a lot about how we stereotype men, women and relationships. Search ‘Poor Jen’ on Twitter and you will find post after post from people commiserating that the actress can’t seem to get a man to stick around. This suggests that only the woman wants a ‘happily ever after’ and that regardless of career, health or wealth a woman’s life is not fulfilled unless she has a significant other.Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux seemed headed for divorce court, but based on our records search and sources ...they may never have been married in the first place. County all the way back to 2010 and there is no record of a marriage license. They could have gotten a marriage license in any of the 57 other counties in California, but we spoke with some Jen sources who have had regular contact with her for years, and they say there's been talk for a long time they might not be legally married.

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There are many male celebrities who have had more divorces than Jen but I’m yet to see any of those guys given the Poor Jen treatment.The couple got married -- we thought -- at their Bel-Air mansion in 2015. There's such a thing as a confidential marriage license, but we're told they did NOT get one in L. We also checked with numerous divorce lawyers, and no one, as far as we can see, has been contacted by either Jen or Justin.It's certainly possible they're legally married, but based on what we found, it's possible they're not.Single women, on the other hand, find themselves painted as Miss Havisham types who are devoted to their cats as much as their desperate, desperate search for love.Even if that woman is insanely successful, has a hot yoga body, funny, smart and seems to have it all.During a divorce, the assumption usually is that the man has done something wrong to end the marriage and the woman is the victim left to pick up the pieces. Well, they’ve just lost the old ‘ball and chain’ and can continue to ‘sow their wild oats’, right? Studies have found men are happier in marriages than women and actually suffer more after a break up – from health issues, mental health and homelessness.

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