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Molded architectural detailing can be found throughout the building.

This building was constructed in 1845 as the Customs House for the Dominion Government of Canada. All ships passing through the canal had to stop and pay fines/duties here, day or night.

It once served as the Non-Such Hotel under the proprietorship of Joseph Wakerly and is reputed as being home to the first bowling alley in "Port".

After a series of fires on the site, Edward Murphy built this building located at the busiest corner of Port Dalhousie in 1885 and established a ship's chandlery.

It was originally a small frame building but has undergone many additions and renovations over the years. John's Rectory (see also 27 Bayview Drive), also built in 1867.

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The Good Templars tended to the general welfare of the community.

The piers were built as part of the construction of the Second Welland Canal in 1838, and provided a more direct entrance point to the locks than those serving the First Welland Canal which took an "L" shaped route under what is now Lakeside Park to the inner harbour. The outer lighthouse (built circa 1879) and the inner lighthouse (constructed circa 1898, to replace an earlier one which was destroyed by lightning) are both local landmarks closely associated with the development of the Welland Canals.

Originally this land was the marshy mouth of Twelve Mile Creek.

In the summer of 1929 alone, Lakeside Park welcomed nearly 300,000 visitors traveling aboard the long serving passenger ships "Dalhousie City" and "Northumberland." This wooden merry-go-round was built in 1898 by the I. When the merry-go-round was turned over to the City of St.

Catharines, it was on the understanding that a ride would cost a nickel in perpetuity.

The one storey clapboard building with a distinct cupola also served as a Town Hall for Port Dalhousie until its amalgamation with the City of St. This Saltbox style house was built in 1841 by Alexander Muir, generally considered as one of the most successful ship builders and dry docks owners on the Welland Canal.

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