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Not only do we offer you products, but also branding with many of our products customisable to promote your brand using your corporate identity (logo, contact information, etc.).Our in-house team works with your pre-designed files to promote your company at sporting events, corporate sponsorship days and even in retail with our beds branded under your name.These languages of Italy are not truly "dialects" of Standard Italian, evolving independently (and alongside) of the predecessor of Standard Italian.They are often mutually unintelligible, and are better classified as distinct languages.During the Middle Ages, the established written language in Europe was Latin.With the great majority of people illiterate, however, only a handful were well versed in the language.In fact, the earliest surviving texts that can definitely be called Italian (or more accurately, vernacular, as distinct from its predecessor Vulgar Latin) are legal formulae known as the Placiti Cassinesi from the Province of Benevento that date from 960–963, although the Veronese Riddle, probably from the 8th or early 9th century, contains a late form of Vulgar Latin that can be seen as a very early Italian dialect.What would come to be thought of as Italian was first formalized in the early 14th century through the works of Tuscan writer Dante Alighieri, written in his native Florentine.

Thus the dialect of Florence became the basis for what would become the official language of Italy.

In Italy, as in all other countries, the majority would instead speak the vernacular (native tongue) of their region.

These dialects (as they are commonly referred to as) were derived from Vulgar Latin over the course of centuries, evolving naturally unaffected by formal standards and teachings.

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Its influence is also widespread in the arts and in the luxury goods market.

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