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Turn by turn, you can expand your empire, upgrade various technologies, and if you’re feeling it, conquer your neighbors.The game is free and feature-rich, with one-time in-app purchases designed to add complexity after you get the hang of it (which won’t take long).Member Eugene Stolin of Mind Vitamins confirmed that this is still the way it works.Lorraine Akemann, one of the founding members, also noted that “things are changing all the time, especially with the FTC scrutiny on the mobile privacy space”.The most recent information I could find about this is from 2009.I also posed this question to the members at Moms with Apps, a group of app developers who promote quality apps for kids and families.series is a deftly smart adaptation of Steve Jackon’s gamebooks of the same name.

This is not a pick-up-and-play game, but it’s thoroughly rewarding if you’re able to give it the time. You’re really good at cutting down trees and making weapons and furniture out of the wood.

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Based on my research it seems that the app developer fills out a form describing their application.

The rating is then generated based on that description.

Apps have ratings similar to movie ratings — G, PG, PG-13 and R.

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