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If both the resident cat and the new one are aggressive, especially if both are males, your hopes for a happy feline home may decline into all-out war.

But when cats do accept the reality of a multi-cat home, they can tolerate each other without fussing, or become devoted friends, sometimes grooming each other and sharing space on your couch.

Supervise their initial encounters to help the relationship progress smoothly.

Remember the territorial rights Cats do not like change, and will notice even the addition of a new piece of furniture in their territories.

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An older cat that's been the only pet for his entire life will adapt more slowly to another cat's presence, and may especially resent a bouncy kitten.

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Secure the two cats in separate rooms; mingle both cats' scents on a sock or washcloth (by rubbing the cloth on their fur) and place the objects next to their feeding areas.

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While cats' preferences are highly individual, some breeds, such as Persians, Maine Coons, ragdolls and Birmans tend to be more easygoing, adaptable and gentle, and may more readily accept a feline friend.

To safeguard the health of both cats, have the new cat examined and vaccinated by a vet, particularly if he is a stray, to ensure he has no parasites, upper respiratory infections or other health issues.

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