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Its main areas of interest are European Union budget, policies, foreign policy; Reforming the EU’s institutions; Justice & home affairs; Economics & finance; Energy & environment; Education & research; The Euro; Security & defence policy; Enlargement (specifically on Turkey); ‘Neighbourhood policy’; Transatlantic relations; Russia; China; The Middle East and the ‘Arab Reform Initiative’.

the Arab Reform Initiative describes itself as a “a consortium of fifteen key policy research centers from the Arab world with partners from Europe and the United States, working to mobilize the Arab research capacity to advance knowledge and promote a home grown program for democratic reform.” The US ‘partner’ here is The U.

By 2000 the CER’s board included a range of individuals who feature widely on a number of elite think tanks and gatherings and whose common denomination is a connection to the US, large multi-nationals and with some achieving high places in their respective governments or institutions which intervene and condition government policy.

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Just as several trustees of the CER joined the Blair court in its early days (Lord Simon for example) so too did some of the CER administrators such as the CER’s Treasurer, Julian Eccles, who became a Special Adviser having previously been a public affairs consultant with the international public relations consultancy Hill and Knowlton ‘specialising in broadcasting, lottery and IT issues’.It seeks to work with similar bodies in other European countries, North America and elsewhere in the world […] The CER makes a point of bringing together people from the worlds of politics and business.Most of our meetings and seminars are by invitation only, to ensure a high level of debate. I have found Murdock's scholarship, research, knowledge of the original languages, and creative linkages to be breathtaking and highly stimulating." —Rev. Jon Burnham, Pastor, Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX"Acharya S deserves to be recognized as a leading researcher and an expert in the field of comparative mythology, on a par with James Frazer or Robert Graves—indeed, superior to those forerunners in the frankness of her conclusions and the volume of her evidence." —Barbara Walker, "Ms.The Centre for European Reform (CER) brings together Atlanticist, New Labour, neo-liberal and neo-conservative elements in a well-funded and promoted EU military-industrial lobby.Playing key roles in the centre’s establishment are Jonathan Powell and David Miliband, Mr Blair’s head of research.

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