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This could make Louisiana a top 10 state for voter turnout. People really love voting at home in just five minutes.

You wouldn’t even have to drive to the polls to vote. Understandably, people are scared about fraud, especially double-voting.

Over time, Louisiana can save money by decreasing poll workers and avoiding wear and tear on voting machines. A husband could fill out the ballot for his wife, or a campaign could intentionally destroy ballots from certain neighborhoods.

For example, after the 2016 elections, several reports noted how certain districts in crucial swing states in the upper Midwest could not do recounts because their procedures didn’t allow for double-checking paper ballots. 14’s statewide elections, Louisiana officials and pundits scolded Louisiana residents as unengaged citizens. Engaged citizens must hold their representatives accountable on issues from traffic in Baton Rouge to the state budget to New Orleans street flooding.Less than one in five eligible Louisiana voters cast a ballot. Pearson Cross said, “The president’s tweets are attention-grabbing. Increased voter turnout gets more people doing so — and the best way to increase turnout comes in vote by mail.Then they drop the ballot off at any mailbox or the polls on election day.Those who prefer in-person voting can vote either early or on election day. In California, in 2012 for the first time, more than five out of every 10 voters in our largest state voted by mail. We can increase voter turnout and save the state money with vote by mail. Louisiana’s history of corruption means we need more accountability.

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