Professional dating agencies in johannesburg


During Screening, Affiliates undergo the same comprehensive assessment as our Clients, and are only selected if they have maximum compatibility.

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A date provides a venue for each individual to develop a comprehensive idea of chemistry, personality, and lifestyle, as well as gauge physical attraction.They encourage each party to discuss how the date went, and asks how they would like to proceed.This phase is especially helpful for both the Client and the Affiliate.We have made it a priority to ensure that our website is safe and secure so that our elite clients can relax and enjoy a hassle free experience all back up with full profile checks and full customer support.The manner in which we stand out from other websites that specialise in online dating is that we offer high-end online dating for singles that come from professional and successful backgrounds.As an objective third party, the Matchmaker adds value in developing the right relationships, and identifying red flags in new relationships.

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