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A happier tradition is this: everybody gets a wafer – very thin, like holy wafer, but as big as a dessert plate.You put on some honey, slices of garlic and bits of walnuts, and stick on another wafer.

You should really check out this one: When we were first married, my husband and I lived and worked in London for a bit.

I taught English at a local college, and had the pleasure of becoming friends with many of my wonderful students.

One lovely woman, Janka, and I have been able to keep in touch through facebook.

those are the main ingredients…only in the south and bigger towns do they have also smoked ham or mayonnaise.

For dinner the whole family should get together, no one is supposed to be on his own.

Actually the story is that if you fast all day then you will see the golden piglet in the evening :o).

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