Who is richard li dating

I consistently select a silly face, or choose to throw my mouth WIDE open (I don’t know why) in the majority of photo’s stored on my phone. I definitely don’t have enough pictures taken of myself to have a decent choice in any case.It's a compliment, but on a business level it's difficult because it's hard to convince people it was really me playing the role.Richard Li is a well-known name in Hong Kong for his business acumen and philanthropy.

At the professional end, Li is chairman of PCCW and PCCW’s executive committee.

As you get older, and I’m sure this resonates within most people, you grow out of the shallow outlook you adopt as a teen.

Most people realise that what someone looks like, really doesn’t mean a thing if they’ve got a shitey* personality and can’t hold a decent conversation. I know loads of female colleagues and friends who receive the same mildly amusing Linked In treatment.

He worked briefly at MC Donald’s and as a caddy at the golf course.

With passion for computers, he went ahead to study the subject at Stanford University.

He is the youngest heir of the business tycoon La Ki Shing.

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