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The team consists of four people; Hannah Hart (host), Pearl Wible (producer), Sam Molleur (director) and Nick Underwood (RV driver).

The theme song for the tour, written by Hart, was accompanied by a video of fans jaunting in front of their favorite places. After receiving negative feedback from a minority of fans that complained about the lack of places at the meet-ups, Hannah uploaded a video called The Real Hello Harto on her main channel, giving her fans an exclusive look behind the screens of a regular day on the Hello Harto tour.

The video explained the work that goes into making content videos, as well shooting My Drunk Kitchen videos and meeting up with fans all over Canada and the United States.

In November 2014, Hart started uploading more episodes of her travel show in Australia and New Zealand.

Within a few days the video had accumulated 100,000 hits.

Viewers began asking for another "episode" of the video, and Hart complied with more recordings.

The vlog (a recap of the city she is in) gets uploaded each Tuesday to her main channel, My Harto.

My Drunk Kitchen traces its beginning to March 2011, when Hart was at her sister's home, chatting with a friend over webcam.

Depending on the final amount of money, the tour would be expanded to Canada, Europe and Australia.

Hart uploads various videos about her traveling experience on her second You Tube channel, Your Harto.

To establish the initial upload as the first episode of a series, she renamed it "Butter Yo Shit." On January 2, 2013, Hannah posted a video on You Tube stating that she was considering doing a world tour.

She launched a campaign to fund this trip on Indiegogo, aiming to get ,000 within a month.

Okay Nate, who, like Grace and Beth, is affiliated with My Damn Channel, releases weekly vlogs; he launched his channel three months ago and thus has just a shade under five thousand subscribers, but once the boys of You Tube realize that he has connections to a quartet of attractive ladies, they will be flocking to his channel en masse.

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