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The transliterator is optimized to consume less resources and perform the translation faster than most of the other similar Web applications.Using this Ukrainian transliteration service you can solve a few tasks. RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED – required to start the super search on system restart so that users do not need to start super search feature manually every time they restart the system. Search option is working on both Ukrainian - German and German - Ukrainian directions. Select and hold the word you would like to get the definition for. Example translations, Videos for native speakers’ pronunciation and online machine translator also needs to be online. SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW – app needs this permission to show the floating icon on other screens with super search option.If you are interested in our multilingual transliteration project and want to be up to date about the latest developments and features, then you can either visit our Transliteration Blog or subscribe to our RSS Feed with your favorite feed reader or enter your email below for the newsletter subscription. Type your message here: • Dictionary "Slovnik" • Ukrainian Dictionary • Twitter The project UA. CC has been created to support both international Ukrainian community spreaded around the World and people who learn Ukrainian.Our online Ukrainian Cyrillic converter is a powerful and easy to use tool at the same time.

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And it includes selected locations where you shop, like 7-Eleven, Circle K, Costco, Publix, Dunkin Donuts and Rite-Aid.

Advantage of this on-the-fly translit conversion is that you can see the result immediately on the screen.

Sometimes you might want to turn the automatic conversion to Ukrainian OFF to type parts of the text in English.

The on screen Ukrainian keyboard is located on the right side of the screen under the label "Ukrainian virtual keyboard".

Conversion from Latin script to Ukrainian letters is performed in real time as you type.

Required Permissions: INTERNET – if text-to-speech (TTS) is not available, app needs to be online.

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