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It was created in Southern Germany in 2011 and boasts over 20 million worldwide users, though admittedly it’s more popular outside the United States.Skout is actually the largest dating app in the world, though, like Jaumo, it’s not as big in the U. Skout encourages its users to contact people who don’t live near them and wants you to check in when you go to public events so you can run into other Skout users.It’s a great way to gauge who at a concert or club is willing to see where things go.There is everything for everyone here, people can get to know other people and chat with them, if they share common activities they can take it to a higher level and chat privately leading onto meeting each other if things get serious.The main feature of SKOUT is that is location based, you not only get to talk with people in the local area but are also able to stay in touch with whatever is happening in your location.Skout says more than a million messages are sent to its users daily, and the app's average user spends 40 minutes a day using the service [source: Manninen].

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