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Carnival is over, but the lasting image for most will be the beautiful women of Trinidad & Tobago.There is also the colorful costumes, the beautiful women, the pageantry, the beautiful women, the food, the beautiful women, the drinking, the beautiful women, the great times, and the beautiful women.Unable to speak, I sat in Michael's kitchen in the hills of Maraval, with a mouthful of ice cubes in a desperate bid to relieve the pain.Some 40 minutes later, my eyes still streaming, I set off to tour the island with my guide Nick. Nevertheless, the pair – just off the coast of Venezuela – are profoundly different, with contrasting characters and attitudes that sometimes breed a gentle rivalry. Cosmopolitan Trinidad, roughly the size of Northumberland, is largely flat and heavily influenced by its Indian community, which constitutes half the 1.3 million-strong population. These two sisters, separated by 30km of Caribbean waters, came together in 1889, and last year celebrated 50 years of independence, following their break from Britain in 1962.Related – Seven delicious foods from Trinidad & Tobago Did I happen to mention there were many beautiful women dressed up in Port of Spain for this year’s party?

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Along the way images of women dancing in tiny sequinned bikinis were splashed across billboards, depicting the raucous February carnival. Johnson, Jesse Serwer and Tishanna Williams— Anyone who’s ever been to Trinidad & Tobago knows that these twin islands boast some of the world’s most beautiful women.For a small country few foreigners could find on a map, T&T always does well at international beauty pageants, producing a pair of Miss Universe winners (Janelle Commissiong, in 1977 and Wendy Fitzwilliam in 1998) and a Miss World winner (Giselle Larond, who beat out Halle Berry in 1986) over the years. The islands’ unique mixture of African, Spanish, Indian, British, Chinese, French and Carib Indian heritage helps, as does the unmistakeable Trini accent, which regularly ranks high on lists of the world’s sexiest.With Carnival approaching, and Trini eye candy, we’ve selected ladies with personal accomplishments to match their beauty.All Top 10 selections were born in T&T; honorable mention selections include foreign-born women of Trini parentage, and a few surprises. Notifications are sent out once or twice a month with what is new with Traveling Ted’s adventures.

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