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You can vote against the amendment, send it back, and make the politicians get it right.Speaking of municipalities and universities, let me address briefly how Amendment One will impact same-sex health insurance programs and policies for their employees.Law-abiding, committed, same-sex couples, some of whom are deeply religious, are out of luck in NC when it comes to marriage, and if this amendment passes, they will be out of luck when it comes to civil union domestic partnership opportunities.Now, just to be clear, NC does not currently recognize civil unions, so you may ask me why I am spending so much time on this point.In 2006, the voters of Arizona rejected the broad constitutional amendment with which they were presented.

After all, married couples don’t have to be saints to get all the state based benefits of marriage. They can be drug addicts, adulterers, spouse beaters, convicted felons, verbal abusers, bigots, atheists, agnostics, and the list goes on.It happened in Michigan with an amendment that was not as broad as Amendment One, and it happened because the municipalities were offering these benefits to unmarried same-sex couples because they were in a relationship similar to marriage. Those who are for Amendment One have argued that municipalities and universities can simply re-write their programs, to provide that employees can cover their roommates, and that as long as the reason they are being covered is not because they are in a same-sex committed relationship similar to marriage, everything should be fine.This argument is creative to say the least, but in practical terms, it ignores the reality of why municipalities and universities provide these benefits and it highlights that the sponsors of Amendment One have a personal bias against homosexuals, that is, roommates are fine to be covered, but not those of the same-sex who are in a loving relationship similar to marriage.Then we faced a presidential election where civility seemed to be an afterthought and hate groups felt emboldened to come out of hiding. Despite the colorful covers (see below), these are books for children of all ages (9 to 99), but only if you have the willingness to try to believe again. You can find them on Amazon in print or e Book, or at the following book stores: Park Road Books in Charlotte, Main Street Books in Davidson, Foggy Pine Books in Boone and Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh.Equity continues to be a fight worth having, but the fight intensifies. I want to share with you some fun work I’ve been doing the past two years. You also can learn more about my books at my website: the best this Christmas season!A report by the committee suggested the system might be ‘purely punitive’ and not aimed at helping people find work.

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