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Following this was a performance of "You Want a Battle?(Here's a War)", the title track of the band's latest record.They shot to international recognition with their aggressive debut (2005), and a nationwide tour supporting Rob Zombie.Now armed with five albums and having toured relentlessly over the years, Bullet For My Valentine are stronger than ever.Tuck performed the song while in a speed boat having to contend with -20-degree temperatures.The dark and melodic Welsh quartet began nearly two decades ago, formed in 1998 by a group of childhood mates in Bridgend with a love for Nirvana and Metallica. 14), they're offering more insight into the disc and today they're sharing some of the inspiration for the full-throttle song "No Way Out."Tuck says in a Facebook posting, "This particular track was very much a therapy session for myself writing it.

They got their own home together in November 2008, and had three pets, two cats named Phoebe and Gus and one dog named Biscuit, which Charly states are like their own little family.I wanted to channel that into the music and make it super aggressive.” It’s no surprise that in leading two lives and pushing himself band-wise for nearly 20 years, the frontman considers it “kind of scary that the time thing is becoming quite apparent in most conversations I have with people these days.” “I’m still only 35 years old, so it’s not something that I should be getting scared of, but it’s definitely becoming apparent that time is flying by and I need to start enjoying life a bit more and taking it a bit less seriously.But being around as long as we have definitely needs acknowledgement within the four of us, our team and management.Interviewing bands and getting to know the people behind them is what I do best.Lover of all things heavy, Italian food, beaches & coffee.I sat down with frontman Matt Tuck to talk touring without their drummer, taking his son Evann around the world, and singing while jumping out of the sky. headline run we did recently, so we got to know the guys a little bit on that four-week tour.

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