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On 21 August 1969 while attacking an enemy battalion position, over fifteen members of his platoon including Sergeant Mc Nulty were wounded.Sergeant Mc Nulty covered the withdrawal of other members of his platoon, assisted in their evacuation and was finally wounded a second time during his own evacuation."Sergeant Mc Nulty's outstanding conduct and personal courage has been inspirational to all members of his battalion and to South Vietnamese allies.Found in a single location on the earth's surface, that is Mc Nulty Gulch near Leadville Colorado, Mc Nulty rhyolite is a comparatively rare gem rock quality variety of rhyolite rock.

He then began the collection of wounded in the area, moving freely through the enemy defensive fire that was now beginning to fall.

His personal courage and professional advice was responsible for saving the South Vietnamese troops from further severe casualties and the possibility of being overrun by the enemy assault."In August, 1969, Sergeant Mc Nulty's platoon was engaged in two separate major contacts with superior size enemy forces entrenched in bunkers.

On both occasions Sergeant Mc Nulty inspired all ranks with his aggressiveness and courage which by now had become expected of him in all contacts with the enemy.

As his force cleared the objective, an enemy machine-gun opened up, wounding one man.

Sergeant Mc Nulty helped to move the wounded man to safety but, in doing so, was struck by a bullet, which was fortunately deflected by his armored jacket.

A ground breaking medical scientist, he teamed with the Welshman Thomas Lewis (cardiologist) in 1908 to demonstrate that tracings from then nascent electrocardiography (ECG) could be used as a tool for diagnosing Heart block. The life expectancy of an Allied bomber crewman flying bomber missions over Europe during World War II was just 12 missions. ENIAC was later used in the early 1950s to perform calculations for development of the hydrogen bomb. "In Honor of those Members of the Central Intelligence Agency Who Gave Their Lives in the Service of Their Country" 103 stars representing Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agents who died in service of their country are carved into the Memorial's white Vermont marble on the north wall of the original CIA headquarters building. Sergeant Mc Nulty, leading eleven men, made repeated attempts over a period of five hours to outflank the enemy and assault from the rear.

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