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Once your baby learns to rely on himself, he may nap for longer stretches.Helping your baby to develop good sleep habits takes time and patience.

Just having a few things happen at the same time every day, like feeding and sleeping, will soon get your baby on track.You'll usually have a window of opportunity when your baby will fall asleep easily and quickly.If you wait too long, your baby will be too tired, and have a harder time falling asleep. He may rub his eyes, or fuss a lot, or just stare into space.He'll let there and cry real tears till we pick him up. I'm very worried about when he goes to daycare because he also won't take a bottle.My 8 mth old baby only sleeps for 2 x 20 mins naps throughout the day and wakes through the night.If your baby goes to nursery or a childminder, make sure he naps in the same place on the days that he’s at home.

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