Access table updating time stamp

It would also help if you have some knowledge of VBA If you are are using MS Access 2013, you could also use Data Macros (MS Access equivalence of SQL Server triggers).Assuming that you are using a lower version of Access and assuming that you are using a Form to insert/update Data into your table, the following could be done: 1.When the user modifies a value in another column of a row, Access issues an Update SQL statement in order to verify that the data did not change between the time the result set was fetched and the current update attempt.One of the parameters passed in the Update SQL statement corresponds to the timestamp column that Access previously retrieved with the SQLGet Data function.Contact Star Quest Technical Support if you have any questions.

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The author(s) or distributor(s) will not accept responsibility for any damage incurred directly or indirectly through use of the information contained in these documents.Access executes an SQL Select statement when the user clicks on an attached table.If one of the result set columns is a timestamp with precision 26 (yyyy-mm-dd .000000), Access calls SQLGet Data to get the timestamp value into an SQL_C_TIMESTAMP structure.Last Update: 26 June 2008 Product: Star SQL Version: 5.x Article ID: SQV00SQ027 This document discusses an update problem using Star SQL and the Microsoft’s JET database engine for DB2 timestamp data.Applications that use the JET database engine include Microsoft Access and Visual Basic (DAO).The instructions may need to be modified to be appropriate for the hardware and software that has been installed and configured within a particular organization.

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