Are amy poehler and adam scott dating

So they were just sort of reading people and seeing what kinds of people interested them.Adam Scott: I didn’t at all, I just met him that at that audition. But then a couple years later when I went in, we had a meeting when I came in to meet him for this go-round, and we got along really well.I really wanted it and didn’t get it; I actually kind of blew it, and so I was obviously pretty upset—I really wanted to be a part of it from the beginning.So when the opportunity popped up again a couple years later, I was really coming up and wanting to talk about the shows, which I’m more than happy to do because they’re always super friendly, cool people.But people who are actually famous, who are walking around with TMZ following them and stuff, that’s a whole different thing, so I would stop short of saying I’m famous and maybe say that I’m well-known among people that like funny, nerdy things.

However, it wasn’t certain that he was meant to be the love interest. And we were sort of like ‘oh, Adam Scott, that’s good.And I wrote this thing into where Ben says to her very casually like, ‘You want to run for office someday, right? ’” The point was for Ben to subtly make it known he understands Leslie and that if the two ever did get together, it would last forever.By the beginning of the third season Schur understood exactly where these two characters needed to go, citing that it was the chemistry between Poehler and Scott that made them so perfect for one another. Leslie Knope herself believes it was the writing behind the characters that gave her and Scott such an easy pathway to terrific chemistry. ") that he became something more than a Hollywood That Guy.After nailing the disaffected never-was actor-turned-catering-service-bartender role on the beloved cult hit Adam Scott: I actually auditioned for it before it was even on the air.“It’s kind of where everything culminates and they have their first kiss at the end of the episode,” he says.

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