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In fighting his way through Fort George, Connor kills both and recovers the amulet, eventually hiding it away.

The two have a son, who witnesses his village razed and mother murdered as a child by whom he believes to be Templars.

Kenway discovers the Observatory and its artifacts with the help of a Sage, but is betrayed by his companion not long after.

Jailed for his piracy crimes, Kenway soon breaks out with the help of Assassin Ah Tabai and joins the Order.

Through nine main games and additional material that includes novels, comics and short films, Ubisoft's wildly successful Assassin's Creed franchise exists in an impeccably detailed, ever-expanding universe.

Things will expand further when a feature-length adaptation of the battle between Assassins and Templars hits the silver screen in December through 20th Century Fox.

Ambushed by Templars upon arriving at the former Assassin's fortress, he escapes and discovers that five disc-like keys hidden around Constantinople can open Altaïr's library.

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