Montreal dating cooking


From illuminated winter festivals of art, gastronomy and outdoor sports to international rhythms and circus performances in the heat of summer, the city's festivals and special events gather locals and visitors alike in the name of celebration.

Relaxing under the sun or in the plush comfort of a theatre seat, festival-goers and artists from all walks of life come together to create Montréal’s truly unique festival vibe.

Sur La Table What: 2.5-hour classes focusing on technique When: Variety of classes, days, times; check schedule Where: Hell’s Kitchen, 306 West 57th Price Range: to 0Reserve Your Spots: 212.574.8340 in New York (800.243.0852 for classes nationwide)Sur La Table offers a wide array of classes that center mainly on technique, including those specifically labeled Date Night.

You can make and eat your appetizer and dessert on site, but cart your main dish home to cook (no sweat, you’re given instructions).

This spot is hip, brightly decorated (you’ve likely passed the all-windows, peek-into space while Thursday night gallery hopping).

Several invited chefs of Montreal also agree to teach at the Mezza Luna cooking school.

The school has between 22 and 24 students per class with two sessions per year.

Festivals and grand events are a cornerstone of life in Montréal.

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