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At the final press conference, Ferrara asked the panel, "In page 2 of the Memorandum, (the Cardinals' final communiqué from the Vatican meeting) Item 3 acknowledges something that is important and long overdue: Nearly every single case has involved an adolescent and does not constitute a true case of pedophilia.

So we're dealing with the acts of homosexual males who could not control their predilection.

2) Intellectual Infiltration: This is done by Catholic theologians and "experts" who publicly challenge the Church's condemnation of homosexuality, and suffer no ecclesiastical penalty for doing so.

A few examples follow: 3) Networking: These are pro-homosexual groups such as the Catholic Coalition for Gay Civil Rights, "Call to Action" and numerous other organizations.

Hundreds of Catholic "priests and religious in good standing" belong to these openly pro-homosexual groups.

The factors considered important to Johnson are: Johnson's priorities, comments Father Rueda, not only indicated how important the religious institutions are to homosexuality, but provide a checklist for ascertaining the degree to which a specific religious institution has been infiltrated by the homosexual organization, complains Father Rueda, whose very existence is "more than passively tolerated" by the U. bishops; the other is Dignity International, whose purpose is "to unite all gay Catholics, to develop leadership, and to be an instrument through which the gay Catholics may be heard by the Church and society." Dignity makes no secret that its goal is to "promote the cause of the gay Community ...We move towards the time when a gay Catholic lifestyle is accepted." Father Rueda lamented that the United States bishops have taken no effective action against these organizations.In 1998, for example, North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) representative David Thorstad eagerly proclaimed to a standing room only "gay" and lesbian group gathered in Mexico City that: "Pederasty is the main form that male homosexuality has acquired throughout Western civilization . This has been perfectly understood by the leadership of the homosexual movement." The New York Times, for example, ran a story on January 25, 1977, entitled "From a Quiet Seminarian to Homosexual Spokesman". Johnson, a homosexual activist who was "ordained" in the United Church of Christ.In this interview, Johnson indicates several factors which are important for the advancement of homosexuality in the "church".TAKEN FROM THE FATIMA CRUSADER, SPECIAL ISSUE 71 IT is hard to imagine a more distasteful distasteful subject than pedophilia and homosexuality in the Roman Catholic priesthood.

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