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“My agenda is trying to help people live a better life. “But the minute you bring kids into the equation, you kind of don’t have a choice. “I have these moments when I say, ‘Whose life is this? “You know your life has changed when a baby pees on you and you just leave the shirt on.

.” She later tried to clarify her statements and admitted that while she did say that, she never said she “wouldn’t” get pregnant or that she thought it would “ruin” her body, as some outlets reported. ” Jillian discussed her orientation with Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos and she said that she doesn’t care what what people say about her, and that she doesn’t really classify herself. Later in the interview, Maria raided Jillian’s refrigerator and came across some damning food in the freezer.

Positions and take pictures of them and jillian michaels dating vanessa marcil would.

I only eat healthy food, and I only want healthy love! Again, she didn’t have to say anything about it and it’s up to her how much she tells the public.

I’m thinking she’s with a woman now (she has a partner named “mouse” who she’s mentioned online) but that she doesn’t think of herself as gay or bi.

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