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Billy joins the local pool as a life guard and takes Anne there one night for a romantic date.

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He's not going to be the naive country boy any longer.

But she is still trying to find time to focus on herself and her career. And she's also starring in the drama Miss Meadows, which will hit theaters November 14th.

William "Billy" Kennedy is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by Jesse Spencer.

One of Caitlin's top priorities, upon moving to Erinsborough, was to find a boyfriend and she set her sights on Billy, her training partner at the pool.

Speaking of his decision to leave, Spencer said "I'd been in Neighbours for five years and I'd had enough.

There's no doubt Billy's completely smitten." When their parents began to fear that the relationship was getting "too serious", Billy and Melissa promised that they would wait to have sex.

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