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Deputy Scott Peterson (inset) was initially the only law enforcement officer present on February 14 when the rampage started, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said.'Scot Peterson had ample enough time to make it to the 3rd floor and prevent 6 deaths including the death of my daughter Meadow,' Andrew Pollack, father to the slain 18-year-old girl, said on Saturday.I now have the required boots to minimize my injury discomfort.

The photos are now available in an exhibition which chronicles a window into pro surfing's heyday.In the 1980s a generation of young surfers turned a laid back lifestyle of riding waves into a sport.Aussie surfing legend Tom Carroll captured his life in intimate photographs he took while on tour.Scottish-born Mc Gregor, 46, filed for divorce from wife Eve Mavrakis (pictured together right), 51, last month - six months after being spotted kissing Miss Winstead (inset), 33, his co-star in the cult TV series Fargo.The Trainspotting and Star Wars actor blamed 'irreconcilable differences' for the split from his wife, the mother of his four daughters who are aged between six and 21.We partner with Moon Boot Store to stock our medical centre's with a range of moon boots and cam walkers.

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