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La Commission permanente pour la protection sociale des Français de l'étranger, où je représente l'AFE, s'est réunie le 11 mars 2016 au ministère des affaires étrangères.Les aides attribuées par l'Etat à nos compatriotes établis hors de France s'adressent à trois publics spécifiques: l'allocation de solidarité aux personnes âgées, les allocations aux adultes ou enfants handicapés, le secours mensuel à l'enfance en détresse.You can submit your request to the French Consulate or Embassy in your country of residence as soon as you receive proof of acceptance from your institute.Think about your budget and check that you will be able to withdraw money using your bank card when you arrive in France. Later you will be able to open a bank account in France.

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In a civilisation frankly materialistic and based upon property, not soul, it is inevitable that crimes against property shall be considerd far more serious than crimes against the person.

Shouldn't we have received some notification that our cards had been made invalid? I am astonished that if this account is true (and I have no reason to doubt the story as they are very reliable people) that it hasn't been widely publicised.

When the mother asked what to do about the nurse's payment she was told to mettez vous en contentieux, effectively 'don't pay her and wait for her to sue'!

You see, teachers get their own super special branch of health insurance called the MGE of N. Not to mention their super dooper mutuelle to help pay for health care. Please, was I really going to believe a bit of French paperwork saying that something was possible? Unfortunately they have just started putting photos on them so that's something else to do.

Not being a teacher any more meant changing over to the general scheme CPA of M. I went to the office in town and explained that I was no longer a teacher (the woman looked at me like I'd just said I'd met santa..one quits being a teacher) and I got all the paperwork to fill in. J had to get a new card too recently when he changed his official doctor to a local one.

With investigation, I found that you had to update your carte vitale at pharmacies any time anything changes in your life...move, change mutuelle etc.

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