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Once again, the tone of the words you choose matters.In conclusion, this is a bad profile text, though in many ways it's also fairly typical; most guys on dating sites will end up with something similar to this.By all means, it's expected and perfectly normal to write a few paragraphs about what you do for a living, but in this case the phrase, "I spend a lot of time working" kind of makes you feel like he's wishing things were different.He would be better off focusing on the positive aspects of what he does − the stuff he likes about his job.He manages to set himself apart by commenting on the way other guys tend to write profile texts; at first you think he's serious, and he seems like a douche of epic proportions, then it quickly dawns on you that he's being ironic.It's a way of creating an emotional build-up, like I discuss in my book.This text has several misspellings, and the writing is generally boring and riddled with clichés and unspecific statements.

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I also put in a a few hours in the gym every week, and I play soccer.

Pictures are very important, but a good text will definitely make your profile more effective; it’s the difference between "I suppose he’s okay..." and "I HAVE to meet this guy!

" On the flip side, a poorly worded text can ruin the impression you give, even if your pictures are good.

It doesn't exactly give you the impression that he's a confident, attractive guy.

He sounds off with the seemingly mandatory part about working out and a little section about his job.

"He seems like kind of a wuss", the girl who helped me select this text commented.

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