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The couple tied the knot on December 16, just a week after the Australian government passed the new law.Laker and Price had been engaged for two years and were originally planning to have a civil union, but were granted an exemption to the 30-day notice period to make their union legally binding.The trio had taken a similar shot when the couple got engaged, so we know this guy is like, seriously pretty jealous.Before her September wedding, Idaho bride Jordyn Cleverly wanted to take first-look photos alongside her grandmother, Penny Jensen, in place of the traditional first-look with her groom. Cleverly was about to surprise her grandmother by wearing After years of debate, Australia ruled same-sex marriages legal in 2017 and couple Amy Laker and Lauren Price were the first to take advantage of the freedom.

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Why he was a flower girl and not a groomsman, we still don't know—but we're glad it happened.

She called out to her groom who, without hesitation, dove into the body of water in his three-piece wedding suit. When Brazilian couple Dona and Seu Russo tied the knot in 1957, they didn't have any wedding photos to remember their special day.

But thanks to the help of São Paulo Fotografia, the couple was able to get some great wedding shots—60 years after their wedding.

After tying the knot in early September, Thad Nelson and Aren Muse shared their striking wedding photos (taken by photographer Ricardo Quintana) online—and the internet literally went crazy over them.

People from around the world fell in love with these incredibly attractive grooms and their luscious locks, showering them with congratulations and even a few 'adopt me' requests.

This beautiful shot, taken by photographer Lloyd Richard Photography, features two tiny flower girls playing in the veil of a bride.

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