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While Lotus defiantly claims that he'll never find the Tenno, Hunhow tells her that he already knows due to his infiltration of her mind.

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The first Data Vault hacked reveals that the Grineer had been excavating pieces of Hunhow, and that Hunhow is capable of controlling each part of him with his mind, making Lotus wonder if said mechanism is how the Sentient has been invading her mind.

Despite their antagonistic past, he asks the Tenno to trust him due to the greater threat of the Sentients.

Upon diving underwater and reaching the site of an Orokin shipwreck, Alad V, unwilling to completely guide the Tenno in finding the fragment, urges them to search the excavation site for it themselves, providing hints only if the players are near the objective. " accompanied by placing a way-point to the objective) The actual objective at this point is to find a tunnel closed off by rocks, which can be destroyed to reveal a passageway leading out of the excavation site and into a large underwater cavern with a Sentient wreck.

She then sends the Tenno to Cressida, Uranus to find a fragment of a Sentient.

Once the Tenno arrives at the mission site, the mysterious helper is revealed to be none other than Alad V, who claims knowledge of what they are looking for.

The nav console is located in a room with a window looking out at a sight that shocks Alad V: The Moon.

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