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A South African hunter is believed to have been eaten by crocodiles after human remains were found inside two beasts.

Scott Van Zyl, 44, vanished last week after going on a hunting safari with a Zimbabwean tracker and a pack of dogs.

Later that day his dogs returned to the camp without Mr Van Zyl.

His rifle and belongings were found inside the truck.

In March, villagers cut open a crocodile and found the remains of an eight-year-old boy inside the beast.

The shocking scene was captured by an eyewitness with a smartphone in the village of Mushumbi Pools in northern Zimbabwe's Mashonaland Central Province.

The giant was walking with its herd when it ran towards the van at the Maseke Game Reserve, South Africa, in an effort to scare the visitors away from its calves.Owen Chianga and his friend, Liberty Ruzivo, 15, were attacked by two crocodiles while they were fishing in the Save River near the village of Birchenough Bridge.Nile crocodiles typically feed on fish, antelope and zebra, which they snatch from the shallows and before engaging in a twirling, drowning method known as 'the death roll'.The remains are being tested by forensic experts to see whether they belong to Mr Van Zyl.At least four people have been killed by crocodiles in Zimbabwe in the past month.In that footage she was probably wearing the same sort of fake noose contraptrion that is used in hanging senes in professional movies.

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