Andy roddick and maria sharapova dating

Shaun, on the other hand, could get some style tips from Sasha to work into some of his big air boarding maneuvers.

They're both teen golf phenoms from Hawaii - so, how come these two have yet to sneak off for a makeout session in a sandtrap?

Maria Sharapova has got a huge commercial endorsement for her nice looking physical appearance.

Maria’s body structure easily attracted anyone beyond the favorite athlete.

At this age, she won the japan open and reached at the fourth round of Wimbledon by her first attempt.

She came to the timeline around the when won the Wimbledon in 2004 against Serena Williams. In the women’s French Open Sharapova defeated Sara Errani in June 2012 by this winning she touched the landmark of Grand Slam as 10 women tennis player, winning all major four tennis tournaments.

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She's better off serving some love to a fellow Russian star, who's closer to her age and reaching his peak at the same time she is.

But finding love in a tight schedule filled with high-pressure competitions, big games and worldwide travel can be much more difficult.

Just in case some of these pro athletes are surfing on Kidzworld, we've put together a list of sports stars who make the perfect match.

In 2006, Women’s Tennis Association ranked her as world no.4, this year she got United State citizenship and won the U. Sharapova made her Olympic debut in 1212 by the Summer Olympic Games, where she in women singles won silver medal, losing gold medal to Serena Williams, American Tennis star.

She won the second French Open title in 2014, sparking athletic skills in the tennis arena.

Sharapova has also dated another tennis star, Andy Roddick, basketball player Sasha Vujacic, to whom she became engaged, before they split up and Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine.

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