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La Guardia School, known for its performing-arts programs (and for being the inspiration for the 1980 movie ). I don’t see any ballet in this.” We do contemporary ballet, but it’s all pointe. I was like, “Stop hating, there’s no reason.” Something like that is so personal, especially with dance where you work so hard, and then someone is like, “You’re not good.” Come on, dude — it wasn’t a bad video. His dad’s a photographer, and [Ansel] really learned how to use a camera growing up. He could just be my personal photographer and he’d be great at it because he’s so good. Maybe in the beginning when he first started posting [photos of] me on his Instagram, people would be like, “Who’s this girl, blah blah blah?

“I agree with that.” In a final exchange, Hannity pressed again on Moore’s age at the time of the alleged incidents, asking if he had dated teenage girls in his 30s.Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore dropped by Sean Hannity’s radio program Friday afternoon to respond to allegations that he’d pursued sexual encounters with four teenagers when he was in his 30s — including one woman who said she was 14 when Moore approached her.And while he called the story “completely false and misleading,” he said he “didn’t dispute” that he used to date girls as young as 16.“I seem to remember knowing her parents,” Moore said of Wesson Gibson, adding that he remembered her as a “good girl.” He claimed no inappropriate behavior ever took place.Moore also added that he doesn’t “remember ever dating any girl without the permission of her mother.” Then, apparently referring to Wesson Gibson, Moore added that one woman “said her mother encouraged her.” Then Hannity asked about Gloria Thacker (now Gloria Thacker Deason), who told the Post she met Moore when she was 18 and they went on dates where Moore offered her Mateus rosé wine.It was one of many bizarre defenses offered by Moore, who denied the most explosive of the allegations in the Washington Post report — that as a 32-year-old in 1979 he had kissed and touched 14-year-old Leigh Corfman on multiple separate occasions.

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