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Why it’s hot: Thousands of people have stacks of unused books, games and other items. (Or charge a flat fee for the software if you go the stand-alone app route.) The mini pitch: “The web’s reading list.” What it is: A community reading list for the web.Feed readers are great, but they’re not very sociable, and adoption by non-tech heads is pretty poor.

The mini pitch: “Buy it now on steroids.” What it is: Online auction sites are great, but few of them capture the same adrenalin rush and buzz that you get from a real auction room.

This concept would shift the balance from whopping consultancy fees for one person’s opinion to micro-payments and group-thinking.

It also puts a value on your own opinions and sagely advice at long last! Perhaps it costs 25 credits for them to submit their site for community consulting.

Bids are live and backed by escrow, and when the top item’s been sold, the ones below float upwards and a new item becomes active and open to bids.

Why it’s hot: As a seller, it’s becoming increasingly complicated to list things online, generate buzz, and make a quick sale.

How it works: You make a request by email, text or voicemail to your online butler.

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