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EXE using the following command line: Mailbox Name URL Mailbox Name = MOM test mailbox name.

Look for KB 930879 How to address daylight savings time with the Exchange Calendar Update tool to be updated today.

EXE tells you where the output file has been created, typically in the folder.

Examine the output file, owacheck.log, for evidence of either success or failure.

- [17/10/2006 ] Basic Auth Logon Successful And here's an example of a failure logon file: [17/10/2006 ] Starting OWACHECK[17/10/2006 ] --------------------[17/10/2006 ] No credential override.[17/10/2006 ] Mailbox SERVERMOM is going to be used.[17/10/2006 ] Customer Url:[17/10/2006 ] Url:[17/10/2006 ] Calling Get Credential.[17/10/2006 ] Entering Get Credential[17/10/2006 ] Decrypting the credentials...[17/10/2006 ] Decryption complete.

Domain = DOMAIN, Username = MOMMBX.[17/10/2006 ] Get Credential call returned success.[17/10/2006 ] Starting Basic Auth Logon[17/10/2006 ] Entering Get Page.[17/10/2006 ] Adding credentials to the request.[17/10/2006 ] GETPAGE - Http Timeout set to 30 seconds.[17/10/2006 ] Calling Get Response...[17/10/2006 ] Web Exception caught.

Neil Hobson on January 24, 2008 at AM Permalink | Comments (4) | Track Back Microsoft has finally released a Best Practices Analyzer for Small Business Server (SBS). SBSBPA will check the following: • Exchange Server 2003 • Update Service • Network configuration • Windows Share Point Services • SQL Server when it is present William Lefkovics William Lefkovics on October 16, 2007 at AM Permalink | Comments (1) | Track Back The quarterly Software Development Kit for Exchange Server 2007 has been updated for July 2007.

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