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My view, all that is there in Mahabharata may not be true, but it is also not false. Balakrishna (NASA, USA) analyzed the event of two eclipses in (a span of) 13 days prior to Mahabharata using Lodestar Pro software and came up with 2559 BC.

At best we may say that the date of Mahabharata War is likely to be around 2800 BC. Hence date of Mahabharata War as per NASA is 2559 BC.

A whole new science called “Archaeoastronomy” has now evolved.

Eclipses have become very predictable and accurate now, and are a great tool to date the past events.

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I used 4-5 different computer programs to compare the accuracy before I finalized on the latest Cyber Sky Planetarium program based on JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) ephemeris 404, with an accuracy of ½ to 1 arc seconds for the periods 3000 BCE and older, and the Delta T value of less than 23 hours. Now, shlokas (stanzas) in the Vishnu Puran, 38th chapter (5.38.8), Bhagvat Puran (1.18.6) and Brahma Puran (212.8), all state that the Kaliyuga started the moment Sri Krishna died.As per P V Holey in a session "Date of Kurukshetra War based on astronomical data" in 2003 in Bangalore, date of Mahabharata War is 3143 BC. This is based on important events with planetary positions after comparing astronomical dates based on nakshatra, the Julian and Gregorian systems.As per Prof Raja, a participant in the Vidur Ashrama Seminar, the date of Mahabharata War is 3067 BC. As per Dr Mohan Gupta in a session 'Date of Kurukshetra War based on astronomical data' in 2003 in Bangalore, the date of Mahabharata War is 1952 BC.Mahabharata is the closest epic to our time and is replete with many references to the astronomical phenomena.Krishna’s Bhagvat Gita is the most unique philosophical gem; but it would be interesting to see if it came from a real person and time.An inscription in the Jain Temple at Aihole prepared by one Chalukya King Pulakesin says that the temple was constructed in 3735 years, after the Mahabharata War and 556 years of Shaka (Saka) era in Kali era, that is in 634 AD. 33.) (Now) when thirty (and) three thousand and five years besides, joined with seven hundred years, have passed since the Bharata war;(V.

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