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In doing so, , the former Fugees member broke from the ranks of her East Coast rap group to become a superstar in her own right. It’s not just in the Bronx, it’s all over the world.” It appeared back then that Hill would lead a new generation of rappers that were intent on stepping beyond rap’s explicit and misogynistic status quo, and instead emphasize personal and conscientious themes. For more than a decade, Lauryn Hill’s story essentially grew into an urban legend, akin to Neutral Milk Hotel frontman Jeff Mangum, who released his seminal album, .

Hill’s enormous success as part of the South Orange, N. Both records overwhelmingly exceeded initial expectations and catapulted their careers to unforeseen heights.

All along, she managed conveyed a deeper universal meaning that resonated beyond prior genre barriers.

The album had such a widespread impact that many of Hill’s sales records remained intact until 2012 when Adele broke them upon releasing .

These notable early female rappers created works that would pave the way for future female emcees.

They achieved varying levels of popular acclaim and carved out a legacy as forerunners responsible for breaking down the genre’s gender barriers.

On “To Zion,” Hill professed her unconditional love for her unborn son and discussed the sacrifices she made in spite of her blossoming career.On February 8, 1999, celebrated hip hop’s 20th anniversary by highlighting the impact of rap music and its affiliated culture in a 12-page cover story.While the publication examined the genre’s rich history dating back to the Sugarhill Gang’s 1979 hit “Rapper’s Delight,” they chose Lauryn Hill to grace the magazine’s cover.“Churches were substituting God in the lyrics [for the song “Nothing Even Matters”], D’Angelo, who collaborated with Hill on that song, told in 2008.“Whenever they make a gospel version from a secular song, that’s significant.” Hill was one of the first female rappers to appeal beyond hip-hop’s initial audience as she incorporated elements of soul, R&B, and reggae into her music. C., Beastie Boys, and Public Enemy perfected the art of rapping over samples and beats.J., where she launched her illustrious career with the influential hip-hop trio The Fugees in the early 1990s.

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